Design of the Interchange at the Intersection of Haifa Road and Mohammad Bin Rashid Al-Maktoom Road

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Amin Salam A. Abu Saa
Mohammad Kamal M. Irshaid
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On the western entrance of Nablus lies the main intersection of Haifa Road and Mohammad Bin Rashid Al-Maktoom Road, which is currently designed as a Roundabout. It seems that such design is not functioning properly due to its improper design. In addition, the capacity of the roundabout after 20 years will not be enough to handle expected future traffic volume.This graduation project seeks a solution for such problem. Preforming studies to evaluate the current conditions was the first step. The second was to propose solutions and then select the best one based on specific criteria. The final task was to perform a detailed design for the selected alternative.An interchange is the best redeem to the problem. The most suitable configuration of the interchange is the Partial Cloverleaf Configuration with two loops and two ramps. Such configuration was designed according to suitable standards and specifications. It was found that it will cost about $3.7 Million; since it is a long-term solution the cost is not surprising. The design involved many aspects such as geometric design, pavement design and traffic design. The geometric design involves designing vertical and horizontal alignments and cross-sections, the pavement involve determining the suitable layers thicknesses, and the design of traffic control devices involve signing and marking.