Workshops Directorate of Ramallah

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Alaa Abu Zahra
Haitham Nedal
Hiba Abu Kishik
Rawan Mehdawi
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The project considers integrated design of a Workshops Directorate of Ramallah. The Ministry of Public Works and Housing requires the construction of a new building to maintain the heavy vehicles specially the new ones in addition to a government building for administrative operations. The General Administration of Mechanics and Transport also requires the construction of such building in Ramallah. Furthermore, the old building of the directorate is leased and recently has been claimed to be used as an Orphans Funds Institution. As a result, the building of the Workshops Directorate of Ramallah is selected to be our graduation project. The project considers integrated design that involves structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, environmental, and safety aspects of the building.   Starting by collecting the basic design requirement from the client to match the client requirements with standards and the prototype of such buildings. Then turn to analyze the site in which the building will be constructed in terms of its topographical nature and the surrounding environment the accessibility. Then focus on integrated design of the building in term of architectural design including spaces, orientation and distribution of the functions .Environmental design including ventilation, lighting and acoustics systems. Structural design including 3D Modeling, soil structure interaction and seismic analyze and design, using computer software such as SAP2000, ETABS. The HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning), water, and sanitary systems will be designed in the mechanical design stage. The electrical design will include designing lighting and power systems. Finally, emergency exits, alarm system, and fire protection system will also be included in the public safety design.       At the end of the project, table of quantities and shop drawing will be submitted in the comprehensive report.
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