dc.contributor.advisorMohammed Abu-Hilal (on leave)
dc.contributor.authorShade M. Shirri
dc.contributor.authorAdham M.A Barroq
dc.contributor.authorHilal F.D. Isbaih
dc.description.abstractThe bread industry has since ancient times, it can not dispense with the bread, is the mostimportant source of food , the bread industry has evolved, and started making bread by puttingmetal flat plate on the fire and then putting dough above it, It then became a profession .There are two types of bakeries, semi-automatic and full- automatic, by semi-automaticbakeries each process separate from the other as the mixture process is making without respect toother as well as cutter, rounder and etc, on the other hand, by full-automatic bakeries eachprocess is making with respect to other by sensors system.A bakery consists of several parts (Dough mixing, Cutting, Rounding, Rolling andBaking). In our project we focus only on the design on an oven for baking of bread.This oven will be dedicated for Arab bread of a diameter of 15 cm to accommodate 14loaves which must stay in the oven for a period ranging from 60 seconds to 80 second, at atemperature between (200-250C). The metal used is steel with thermal conductivity K=45.3W/m.C and density =7854 kg/mWe chose bread oven project because of two reasons:1) Bread ovens in the Palestinian market was manufactured by blacksmiths who do nothave the scientific skills in engineering design and production, which may be one reason for thepoor in thermal efficiency of the furnace, which reduces the profits to the owners of these ovensand bread prices becomes more and more. For this reason we decide to make the development ofour society that increase the Palestinian furnace efficiency to save the energy and increase theprofits of ovens owners.2) Palestinian countryside of Palestinian society used to make bread by primitive methodsand the kind of hardship, they plant wheat fields for this purpose, in our oven we will decreasethe size and material used to achieve a cheep family oven which withstand the need of thePalestinian villages homes, small markets and restaurants, This furnace produces 81.3 kg ofbread in one hour.en
dc.typeGraduation Project
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