Energy out of Sludge

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Rana Hanbali
Ysmeen Awad
Malak Abdullah
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Through the first graduation project a study was conducted to decided the most suitable methods to dispose the huge amount of sludge resulted from Nablus Waste station and Gasification were found; this is all the serve the aim of producing a clean source of energyTo start the experimental side of the work a prototype gasifier was made on a Downdraft design, and to complete the work multiple experiments were conducted to assure the effectiveness of the device. Which were conflicted with some adjustment made for the device to improve its efficiency.The several experiments that were done resulted with a combustible gas that flamed the home burner; in that term a first step were made to solve the Station's issue and prove that sludge can produce energy that is sufficient enough to almost cover the energy consumption of the station. This project is a first in the Palestinian territories in the term of renewable energy resource .