Establishing a New Production Line at National Carton Industry Company

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Wesam Jomaa
Tamara Hsheesh
Hashim Mahameed
Nidaa Hazem
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   Companies face several challenges when establishing a new production line; such challenges may include facility layout, production planning, and facility management in general.    The National Carton Industry Company (NCI) is planning to establish a new production line at a certain location with specified area in Nablus city. This project is a study conducted to help NCI in taking proper decisions in regards. The study covered facility layout, production planning, inventory management and feasibility study related to the new production line. The results of the study is expected to support in reducing waste, time and unnecessary movements, increasing productivity and achieving maximum profit.    By studying the proposed production line and its components, a proper facility layout was designed and the available spaces were properly exploited, also proper production planning was drawn to avoid risks and proper inventory management was developed to facilitate the movement of raw materials and finished goods, which of course facilitates the movement of workers in the facility, increases productivity and profitability.  
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