Analysis and Design of Al-Affori hotel

dc.contributor.advisorImad Adel Ahmad AL-Qasem
dc.contributor.authorHaytham Saed Yahya
dc.contributor.authorKhaleel Lahham
dc.contributor.authorOdai Bassam Younis
dc.description.abstract      Al-Affori hotel is one of a famous hotels which is located in Nablus city, it will be analyzed and designed in this project . This hotel project consists of eleven floors with a total area equals 7031.22 m2. Structural models will be analyzed designed by using computer software ( SAP2000 ), and the results will be checked by hand calculations, also, (Autocad) program will be used in drawing sections and other details. The structural elements will be designed as reinforced concrete members according to strength and serviceability criteria, as specified in the ( ACI 318-11 )specification, and for seismic design the ( UBC-97 )code will be used. All loads will be considered in the design, including dead, live, and seismic loads. Strength Design Method will be used in design, this method is based on the ultimate strength of the structural members assuming failure condition, whether due to crushing of the concrete or the yield of the reinforcing steel, Seismic design will increase the cost of design, but it will save lives, and buildings from collapse, so it is very important design.en
dc.description.abstract        .   7031.22 2.   (SAP2000) () . (ACI 318-11)   (UBC-97). , .ar
dc.titleAnalysis and Design of Al-Affori hotelen
dc.titleAnalysis and Design of Al-Affori hotelar
dc.typeGraduation Project
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