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The general hospital consists of several main parts, which are the services part, the dormitories part, and the departments part in general. In particular, the hospital consists of reception areas distributed at the entrances to the hospital, an emergency department with its facilities, a department for central laboratories, an operations department, a radiology department, and an intensive care department, And a department for general services, a department of general surgery, and a department of internal medicine, and each department has its facilities, services, and trackers. The idea of the project started from two clear ideas: simplicity in agglomeration, and treatment through psychological and visual comfort. As for simplicity in agglomeration, it adopted the simple form that started from the two straight lines to reach the current agglomeration, and to avoid heights, I combined each two floors by making a protrusion in the ceiling of the upper floor So that it matches the floor of the basement floor and connects them through wooden light breakers, which constitute an aesthetic, functional and structural element in some cases, as it breaks direct sunlight and cools the temperatures in the rooms, and carries vertical plants that work to soften the atmosphere and psychological and visual treatment. As for the second idea, which is treatment by providing a green environment that is comfortable visually and psychologically, and thus helps in improving the patient’s psyche and helps him recover and improve his health. The hospital was built on an area of approximately 17,000 square meters, with 150 beds. The parts of the building have been linked through a transparent main vital area that works to integrate the parts of the building into one entity and work as one body and create a kind of hierarchy between public and private areas The design has taken into account the feelings of comfort and the reduction of stress and pain in patients such as the perfect distribution of areas, shape, size, green spaces, furniture, colors and materials. The basement floor consists of public services, laundry and radiology department, while the ground floor consists of the emergency department, the mortuary department, the central laboratory department, reception and main registration, and the first floor consists of the operations department, the intensive care department, and the central pharmacy, in addition to the outpatient part of the adjacent building, and the second floor It consists of the obstetrics and gynecology department and premature babies, in addition to the dialysis department in the adjacent building, the third floor consists of the surgery department in both men and women sections in addition to their facilities, the fourth floor consists of the internal department in addition to its facilities and services, and the fifth floor consists of administrative facilities and the main cafeteria.