The Songs Contained in the Book “Our Arabic Language” for the First Three Grades: Their Domains and Their Performance Level by Female of Elementary School Teachers in Russaifa Education Directorate

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Hatouf Samara
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This study aims to identify domains of songs contained in“Our Arabic Language” for the first three grades: their domains and performance level of these songs by the female teachers. The study sample consists of (32) female elementary school teachers where they have been selected using the intentional method. To achieve purposes of the study, the songs contained in the book “Our Arabic Language” have been divided into seven domains: national, social, environmental, religious, health, hobbies, and technology. To identify performance level of songs by female elementary school teachers. observation cards have been designed and developed to observe the females teachers when delivering the song lesson. The results of the study show that the environmental domain of domains of songs contained in the book “ Our Arabic Language” for the first three grades  is ranked first by 34,3% while the health domain is ranked the last by (2,6%). Further, as to all domains; the results show that performance level of the songs by the female teachers range between moderate and high where domain of activities is ranked first by (77,74) relative weigh while domain of teachings aids is ranked the last by (48,16) relative weight. The results also show that there are no statistically significant differences in performance level of female elementary school teachers for the songs attributed to variables of teaching experience and qualification. In consideration of these results, a set of practical and theoretical recommendations are provided.