" multifunctional building design

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Amjad F. Sheikh
Hothaefa S. BaniOdeh
Hamam F. Bsharat
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This project is important because of its proper location for students and it may be used as a hostel students. ''Altadamon Al khaereah'' is the name of this graduation project, in reality this project is under construction. It lies in Palestine-West Bank-Nablus-Rafedia Street.  The aspects that should be covered in this project are: building of the structural model, analysis  this model  and design it . This project consist of structural systems designs . The concrete system include design of slab, beams , tie beams footing ,columns and shear wall. The main objectives for this project are to hostels for students in addition to the different offices and garages use. The outline for project  development process in the first semester that represented in choosing the structural system , preliminary dimension , preliminary design , design different  elements (slab , beams , foundations , columns , ground slab, retaining walls, and shear walls )  , three dimensional analysis , three dimensional design and dynamic check for this structure . The project is analysis and design of a apartments and offices.  The building is a reinforced concrete structure for all floors. The design will be according to ACI 318 -08 for a reinforced concrete. The architectural drawings are obtained from a local design office .Different types of concrete structural elements will be designed:  slabs, beams, columns, footings etc.   The analysis and design will be done firstly by doing preliminary calculations, and then a three dimensional model will be built and analyzed using SAP 2000 program, and with hand calculations too..  The project is expected to be an outstanding land mark in the area.  It is intended to provide design to reflect an important aspect of structural engineering.