PI-Phone Using Raspberry PI

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Isra' S Al-Yamani
Raghad J Foqha
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Abstract                      The object of "Pi Phone- using Raspberry pi  project is to design a phone for making a contact with others by calling or sending a message using new microcontroller called a raspberry pi. The most important concept is making an interface between the microcontroller and GSM/GPRS(Global System for Mobile Communications/General Packet Radio Services) module with other components such as PiTFT Touch screen, LiPo battery, DC-DC boost converter, Cables, connectors, switch, etc. , this requires a specific commands called AT Commands, after sending a command, serial sending, a call can be done.The different in this project, all past phone projects were designed using Arduino hardware component. However, this project  uses  new   hardware component, small PC, microcontroller,    Raspberry pi   which    adds    more quality and efficiency to it.The Pi-Phone project is flexible, applications can be added easily to the phone.Also, camera for capturing  and wireless system will be added for other applications use to the phone