Redesign of Nablus Municipality Building

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Shorbaji, Manar
Badawi, Amna
Taha, Ola
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This study deals with a "Nablus Municipality building" project designed by the architect "Mohammad Touqan" student at AN-Najah National University consist of five story with total area equals to 6770 m2. This project accepts the re-design of the Nablus Municipality in new and contemporary buildings approached by municipal officials to help the partnership Since the municipality is a mirror for every culture that communicates its cultural part of the community, between the university and society. This means the importance of designing the building very carefully because the municipality building is used by many residents and tourists, so we need to pay attention to the use of area spaces, The presence of such a project guides students and graduates to the correct values and foundations of architecture and art in terms of architecture, building and climate in order to be able to effectively and distinctly impact their local environment in the future due to the features of this study to provide high quality to people with the best and lowest costs. We have five chapters in this report to examine this project design, and in chapter one we will address the priority project study, which includes the description of the project's significance, its goals, the target groups for its use, as well as the criteria for construction and the environment. In chapter two, we explain the proper architectural distribution of design functions The structural design for building structural design is very important in chapter three since it studies the building in terms of stability and structural design to ensure that no problem emerges from the possibility of collapse in the design during implementation and after the implementation of the project , In order to accurately research the structural design and ensure the highest standard, we will evaluate and study the project in environmental elements in chapter four due to the site & location of the project , We are going to study quantity surveying and cost estimation in the fifth chapter. Finally, the inventive design has to be a remedy for creative solutions. The project involves two phases. In the first phase, “first graduation project” which include assessment and analyzing of the building from architectural, structural, environmental, . In the second phase “second graduation project” which include electrical, mechanical aspects and redesign where the new design will take in consideration all problems in current building and try to solve or reduce the effects of these problems. Through assessment and redesign phases computer software will be used such as ETABS software for structure, Design Builder and DIAlux.evo for environmental and International standard codes for architecture.