Perfumix Machine

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Lina Qurom
Lina Al-Deek
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The Perfumix Machine is a pioneering perfume production system that redefines the traditional boundaries of fragrance creation in retail environments. While its primary function is to facilitate the automated mixing and packaging of perfumes, it offers users the flexibility to choose from a plethora of scent combinations or craft their own unique blend.In addition to this machine being unique, what distinguishes Perfumix is its capability to be controlled remotely, empowering users to operate the machine from a distance with ease. The Perfumix Machine's architecture is divided into six pivotal sections: a Fill Station, a Mixing Station, a Bottle Cap Drop Station, a Bottle Sealing Station, a Control Unit, and an Input/Output Interface. The Mixing Station utilizes an air jack system for accurate positioning of perfume bottles during the mixing phase. The Fill Station ensures the precise pouring of the crafted scent blend. Next in line is the Bottle Cap Drop Station, responsible for systematically placing the caps onto the bottles. This is followed by the Bottle Sealing Station, which guarantees a secure and airtight closure of each perfume container. The Control Unit, powered by an Arduino Mega and complemented by various sensors, orchestrates the operation of the entire system. Meanwhile, the Input/Output Interface offers users an intuitive interaction point, through a dedicated mobile application, facilitated by an ESP8266 module for connectivity. In our design, we've incorporated a range of sensors, including IR sensors and ultrasonic sensors, alongside DC, servo and stepper motors. Key structural elements like a conveyor system were achieved using bearings, linear bearing, gears, chains, chrome rods, and a circular iron base for holding the dual air jack and the perfume bottle holder. The microcontroller at the heart of our system is an Arduino Mega, further enhanced with the ESP8266 module. Additionally, we ensured seamless integration with other critical components, including pumps and air jacks, to achieve a cohesive and efficient system.