Water Related System For tubas

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Fadi Amar
Oday Qsas
Salah Dababt
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AbstractProject description:The aim of the project is to analyze the water network of Tubas and to redesign thenetwork to meet the requirements for the next 30 years. Moreover, the project aims todevelop a conceptual design sewer network. This is important since lately there havebeen a lot of problems in that area related to water services. These problems forexample are the lack of pressure zoning, high percent of losses in the network and lackof enough water supply. This will be partially done using the WaterCAD software. Thefinal outcome will be a full design of water Network.Project tasks:The main tasks to meet the above mentioned objectives can be summarized in thefollowing points:1. As a case of study Tubas City was selected .2. Collected information and reliable data that we depend on and this wasobtained from Tubas Municipality and Tubas Joint service council3. Develop a questionnaire to collect further data regarding the study area, thequestionnaire include question to measure the per capita water consumption, theperformance of network, losses. And then analyze the outcome fromquestionnaire.4. Visiting the field is very important to make a good indication about the project ,5. Work on the collecting data by using GIS and WaterCAD for existing and designwater network6. Using SewerCAD and GIS (AR