Influence of Home Environment Affecting Obesity Among 3-5 Years Children

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Abel Rahman Albaz
Noor Kanaany
Mursd Abo Salma
Sanaa Bany Fadel
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Background :There are several studies show the significant link between the home environment ( diet , physical activity , socioeconomic status , family status ) and obesity in children from (3-5 year).this study was design to describe these relations. Objectives: To investigate the relation between the home environment and the development of obesity in children 3-5 years. Method:Descriptive quantitative study used in this study , we will take around 300 child from both gender and their age from (3-5 years) and had obesity , my sample will be collected by going to the kindergarten and get the permission from the manger of these kindergarten and put the Questionnaire in the children bag , then the family of these child who fill the Questionnaire will be inserted in the study , so my sample will be Convenience sampling. Result: Less physical activity, wrong eating habit and eating fastfood associated with obesity, and there is no relation between healthy food, family income, maternal status and obesity. Conclusion:There are relationships between obesity and less practicing sports, less physical activity, family income , and eating fast food, also there is no relationship between obesity andmaternal education , maternal status.
Childhood obesity, Home Environment, Body Mass Index (BMI), Obesity. العربية