The Extent of Awareness of An-Najah University Students about the Risks of Radiation

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Dima Bassam Kalbouneh
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Study Objective: Describe students' perceptions and understanding of radiation exposure and risks. To avoid unnecessary radiation exposure and facilitate joint decisionmaking, students should be aware of these problems. Materials and Methods: A questionnaire consisting of eighteen questions was designed: 258 students participated in the survey. Data were analyzed based on school year, college, population and gender. The survey was conducted over a week in December 2021 Students were excluded from the College of Medicine and Health Sciences and students from other universities The data was analyzed using SPSS (21.0). Results: A total of 166 surveys were completed. Most of the participants were females (67.5%) among current university students and graduates. The majority of the participants (91%) believe that there is radiation around us in nature and (43.4%) of the participants believe that all medical devices use radiation and (59.6%) They never discussed with healthcare professionals the risks related to their medical radiological procedures. (88.6%) would like their doctor to participate in the treatment, and (66.9%) said that radiation affects future generations, and (94.6%) believed Radiation is an important issue. Conclusion: The results showed that patients undergoing medical imaging had little awareness of radiation dose and risks associated with these examinations and received little information from physicians or medical personnel. There is a need for patients to be better informed of their exposure to radiation, and further studies focusing on radiation patient knowledge and risk are warranted