Palestine E-Market

dc.contributor.advisorAshraf Armoush
dc.contributor.authorMohammad Musleh
dc.contributor.authorYasin Samaneh
dc.description.abstractE-market project is a market on the internet for marketing people things and products. Anybody can have an account in the market and be a user, the users of the website can add ads for their products to be shown in the market. Also Companies can have an account in the market, registered companies in the market add their ads and also can make profile for a company which can be seen by the visitors of the company. The market shows the ads of users and companies in categories, the categories are car ads, lands and home ads, furniture ads, books ads, electronic devices ads, PCs and laptops ads, electrical devices and jobs ads. The users and visitors of the market can visit the market and looks at the products or ads available, or they can search about specified product in the market by using search engine in the website. The ads contains information about the product, and information about the user who added the ad, to contact him by the buyers.  en
dc.titlePalestine E-Marketen
dc.typeGraduation Project
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