Palestinian Public Opinion Polls No. 23

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An-Najah National University/ Opinion Polls and Survey Studies Unit
Employees at public institutions went into an open strike after six ‎months of not receiving their ‎salaries and after the absence of any hope ‎in the horizon for the Palestinian Government to secure ‎a regular ‎payment of their salaries. The strike was interpreted by some as an ‎attempt to cause the ‎Government to collapse; others saw the strike as a ‎legal right that aims to enable employees to ‎obtain their financial rights ‎without any political intentions.‎ On the other side of the scene, President Abbas and Prime Minister ‎Hanyyia are leading ‎negotiations to arrive at an agreement to form a ‎national coalition government according to an ‎agenda that would be ‎approved by all Palestinian factions, particularly Hamas and Fateh.‎ Within the current political, financial and security crisis that the ‎Palestinian people in the 1967 ‎occupied territories are going through, ‎some voices arose calling for a comprehensive solution for ‎all of these ‎problems. Some called for dissolving the Palestinian Authority after ‎questioning its ‎expediency; others called for new Presidential and PLC ‎elections as a possible solution for the ‎deteriorating political, economic ‎and security realities. Such voices, however, fall on deaf ears as ‎the ‎official level is concerned; be it the Presidency or the Government.‎