Electric Wheel Chair

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      The main purpose of this research is to know the design of the chair wheel and how solid Parts are connected together. The final design is controlled by many factors that affect speed of chair, such as weight of person. The engine selection affects motion quality by providing the force needed to move.     The hard ware is used to know the structure of the machine and the use of every partAnd how it is joined with other parts. For example, the front wheel to the structure of chair and gear may be fixed to the wheels. Another example is the rawer wheel connects with motors. Finally, there is an important part of the chair wheel hardware; that is the joystick which helps in pointing to the desired direction.      The free body diagram is used to calculate the unknowns forces free body diagramShows all forces of all types acting on this body. The solid work program is used toDisplay the shape of the parts.         We design an electric wheelchair for people with special needs, and as we know the price of this equipment in the market are very expensive, and we are trying to provide affordable. It consists of: four wheels, two motors permanent magnet fixed in rear, 12V-26 dry battery, micro controller, and joystick, and also will work on some additions to the electric chair like control by voice in the electric chair and a fund to put the needs of the person, and rear wheel to prevent the coup in steep roads.