First Person Shooter Video Game

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Azhari, Lutfi
Alhaj, Mofeed
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The video game industry is getting larger by the day, this industry is now one of the largest industries in the entertainment business larger even than the Hollywood film industry. On the other hand, this industry is owned and controlled by major large companies that own the market. Some indie, small companies in all over the world are trying to compete with the yearly release of some titles that try to compete like No Man's Sky that was released this year by the indie developer and publisher Hello Games which has only sixteen employees. Thus, the aim of this project is to try to produce an indie video game that is a first-person shooter (FPS) that is similar to the famous game Counter-Strike which is developed by Valve. The reason why we choose the game to be an FPS is because this genre is one of the bestselling video game genre. The user of the game will be able play the game using a network that allows him/her to play the game with other users that share the same session of game in the same network room. The game will allow competition with a system that counts how many times the player has killed other players. This game was developed by Unity3D engine, and the code of the game was implemented by C# programming language and some of the maps design were designed by 3D Max. In this project a safety car was made. This car travels through the house while the owner is not present. The car travels freely through the house and has many sensors equipped to it, those sensors are: distance sensors, heat sensors,Pir sensor and air quality sensors. If the sensors pick up information about bad air quality, for example, this means there's a gas leak in the house, the car which is connected to GSM sends a message to the owner so he can react to the situation.