Assessment of awareness, willingness and attitudes towards residential energy conversation in Palestine

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Osama, Areej
Nameh, Eman abu
Ardah, Jana
abu Alrub, Majd
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Energy in Palestine is considered as one of the main requirements in our life, it’s considered a solution to organize the rapid growth in population, increasing living standards and rapid industrial growth has led to big energy demand in the Palestinian Territories in recent years. The energy sector in the Palestinian territory faces a variety of significant challenges (economic, environmental and political challenges). First, it relies on external sources for the supply of electricity because of the constraints imposed by Israeli policies and actions on the ability of the Palestinian Authority (PA) to operate and develop its energy systems. Second, the costs of importing energy sources are exorbitant. Finally, many environmental risks arise from the use of traditional sources of energy. We will cover in this project household’s behavior of electricity consumption and the awareness and willingness of rationalization of electricity consumptions in residential sector which have the largest percentage of electricity consumption 70.5%. The objectives of this project are to find out the household’s behavior on energy consumption, examine the degree of people’s awareness about the need to rationalize their consumption of electricity, then determine the common misuse of electric power ,finally clarification the attitudes toward the energy conservation in Palestine. Our Project plan is beginning with search for references & pervious theoretical studies which concerned on the energy Consumption and especially electricity consumption , therefore we concerned on the Palestinian references as Palestinian central Bureau of statistics to find the energy data for each sector and especially household’s electricity consumption .Then the survey will be designed in the form of parts, Each part contained a set of specific and interrelated questions ,also insure that the survey is valid .we will determined the sample size and their distribution ,Finally after data collection data and analysis it ,we will present the results in detailed report . In Palestine there is no specialized study to measure the awareness of individuals on the subject of rationalizing electricity in homes, which leads to an increase in electricity bills for all homes, which led us to try to create this awareness of individuals through some guidance and change some habits that may lead to increased consumption of electricity gradually Or in a fixed way.