Claw Machine

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Sundos Mustafa Saifi
Abdullah Munther Refai
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A claw machine is an enjoyable type of vending machines, it can be found in arcade shops, malls and movie theatres, this machine could be considered as a challenge versus time, in this game a person can control how many minutes he wants to play and he wins the items he gripes in that specified time. This machine gives the player the opportunity to play in one of these options, the first one is using joystick While the second one is from mobile phone application and at last using hand gestures through camera and image processing. This machine is divided into four parts: control, logic control, mechanics and playing area. The logic control consists of Arduino mega as a main controller, five HY-DIV268N-5A motor drivers, ESP8266 for mobile control, orange pi for LTS (single board computer) for hand gestures control, Arduino Uno, SD card module for storing sounds, and power supply for the system. Control part consists of lcd for displaying game instructions and remaining play time, joystick to control the gripper position before gripping item, keypad to specify the time and choose the game control mode (1: joystick, 2: mobile application, 3: hand gestures using camera), RFID for payment and start/catch button. The mechanics part consists of gripper that carried by motor and rope which this motor can be moved through (x, y) plane and the gripper that tied with rope is the z axis, one stepper motors for x movement, two stepper motors for y movement, one stepper for z movement and the last stepper for the gripper, stainless steel rods. The playing area contains the items that the player can grip, speakers for sounds and RGB led strips.