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Nada Abu Hantash
Marah Qubbaj
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While shopping, you see a lot of offers on the products you were looking for and need. However, you didn’t know that this store offers them at a cheaper price than others. If you want to avoid wandering the aisles looking for take-home products at a budget-friendly price, you have to change your way of shopping. With our app, use your phone as your personal shopping assistant in the store, stay up to date with all the latest store offers, and perhaps the best thing to have your purchases actually delivered to you or reserved for you to buy yourself. The app will combine several features from different online shopping and delivery apps. There will be three types of users, marketplace members, buyers and delivery drivers. Market members can add or delete products, adjust prices and renew quantities. The application also allows making the necessary adjustments to each of this information as needed, and it can add the location of its store on the map for easy access. Buyers can browse the products of the stores and they can also search for a specific product, and when they find it, it will show him all the products related to this product in all the stores that have an account in this application, and he can reserve products for 24 hours in their name in the store until they receive them themselves, and they can Order products to get them to their home as soon as possible.Also, he can send a message to any store to inquire about products in addition to calling, and the application will also contain a map that shows the user the stores available in his area.The application will display at the beginning of the page the products that have the closest expiration date for their display in the application, regardless of the store. In addition, we have an evaluation of the application and the user will be contacted in the event of a negative evaluation. As for the delivery driver, he will receive all the required orders from the area close to him, in addition to the full invoice, as the driver’s job is to buy the product from the market and deliver it to the customer as soon as possible at a reasonable price, and he can also communicate with the customer through messages or calls in addition To see his site to facilitate the delivery of orders to him. 6