Experience of diabetic patient after an amputation

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Fakhry Metany
Islam Abu Jabal
Fadi Melhem
Mohammad Bani Odeh
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Introduction : Diabetes is a chronic disease common in the world, this disease have many complications that affect patients life such as amputation that cause loss of part from their body . Aim of the study: To investigate the lived experience (psychological and psychosocial and emotional status) of diabetic patient after an amputation. And coping mechanisms they used . Methods: this study was Qualitative narrative design, using semi-structured interviews. A convenient sample composed of 12 participants from both gender and sample will take from Jenin and Nablus city and their age over 35 years and had amputation result from diabetes disease . Results: the amputation affect patient daily activities and limit it , and also can affect on the emotional and psychological , psychosocial negatively ,and almost of patients accepted their condition and amputee patients need for support to get high quality life. In this study the major theme was related to daily activities , impact on feeling and concerns and barrier to health and well-being . Discussion and Conclusion: Most of patients express satisfaction and acceptance for their new situation, but there are different factors still affect negatively on their health including: low educational level and awareness, low financial support, bad physical and environmental structure surround them, psychological impaired as a result of amputation…, and some of them experience decrease in identity and self steam specially as result of sexual deficiency