The Household Structure in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

dc.contributor.authorHussein Ahmad
dc.description.abstractThe aim this study is to analyze the type of the household and its variation in the West Bank Gaza Strip, according to the 1995 Demographic Survey carried out by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics. The results-of this study shows that the nuclear family is the most common in the Palestinian Society, but this type is more common in the West Bank in Gaza Strip. The household in the Gaza Strip is characterized by its large size comparison with the West Bank, because of the variation oftl1e level of fertility. Thus, the Palestinian Society lies in the youth stage according to the demographic transition theory. The monogamy is the most common type of marriage in the West Bank Gaza Strip. The mean age at first marriage is higher in the West Bank than in Gaza Strip for both males and females.en
dc.titleThe Household Structure in the West Bank and Gaza Stripen
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