Mobile Servo-Robotic Arm

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Ruwaidah Yaaqbeh
Nour Al-Heresh
Majdoleen Ashour
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Robotic arm is designed to develop a robotic vehicle which is used to pick up an object with soft catching gripper. The most important part of this project is controlling the movement of the arm by using a remote control that directs the arm at any direction; we also used Arduino for the controlling part of the vehicle and the arm by connecting them together via proper software programming.Robotic arm project is very useful for people who are crippled and have problem in moving freely to bring and take something far away. This project can also help scientists and people who work in places that are inaccessible. Further the project can be enhanced by interfacing it with a camera so that the person controlling it can see operation of the arm and gripper remotely. It can also be controlled using mobile phones via Bluetooth technique.