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Sundos Mustafa Saifi
Abdullah Munther Refai
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We all face some problems in our homes and need a lot of services from handymen. We may face difficulty in finding those who have sufficient competence and experience. Therefore, in this project, we decided to create an application that brings together all these workers with their various services in one place, to make it easier for users to find what they need in the shortest time and best choices. In order to solve this problem, we’re going to implement a mobile application which manages the handymen and the clients who need them to solve some issue. The system consists of two types of users: the client which can access the main dashboard which displays the top-rated workers, featured ones, others list which displays mix of new handymen and the oldest ones, and some ads ,Discover dashboard in which you can browse the workers, see their profiles, rate and some additional info, from this dashboard you can contact with the worker that you want and request a task from him, Chat dashboard which contains all the chats that the user made with the workers, and he can send messages and receive ones, Post a task dashboard which allows the user to post one of two types of tasks the first one is the normal task in which he includes the details and the price he can pay for this task and the second type is tender in this type each handyman can see the details and assign a price for this task and the user choose the best offer for the client, these tasks will appear in a specific dashboard in the workers app but it will be based on the requested type for example if the client requests a task looking for a plumber, this will appear only in the plumbers accounts not in the other types, Profile dashboard which allows to edit his information, there is search bar to find workers, Donation dashboard, which the user can donate some funds to the application owners if he enjoyed the service, and assigned tasks dashboard in which he can see his tasks that workers are working on.