Sky Cleaner Machine

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Abdullah Fathi Abdo
Abdullah Darwish Amer
Emad Murad Jabi
Kamal Hamd iAL-Masri
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Window cleaning makes the buildings architectural glass free from dust and dirt. The traditional way of cleaning office windows cannot be applied to high rise tall building. Glass windows in such building make out most of the outside wall areas,    glass cleaning in such building require more hardware; efforts and safety awareness. The Window cleaner proposed project is an unmanned device which would be controlled by using a microcontroller. This device would be safer compared to traditional methods of window cleaning in case of high glass structures that increases the risk of losing human lives. With Sky Cleaner, no more having to worn patients, guests that workers would be looking into their windows, no more worries about the liability associated with people dangling from ropes or cables while manual window cleaning taken place, at the same time you do not have to worry about insurance premiums going sky rocketing.