Sorting Waste Machine

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Noor Shanteer
Amany Dawabshah
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A sorting waste machine is a highly advanced technological solution that separates and sorts different types of waste materials, this machine use a combination of mechanical and sensor-based systems to accurately identify and sort various materials, such as plastics, metals, and anything else. This process not only improves the overall efficiency of waste management, but also helps to reduce the environmental impact of waste disposal by diverting recyclable materials from landfills. Additionally, the sorted materials can be sold to the recycling industry, which can generate revenue for waste management facilities. Overall, sorting waste machines play a crucial role in making waste management more sustainable and economically viable but also incorporates several additional features to enhance the overall user experience. The machine is equipped with an automatic freshener that activates every time waste is placed in the basket, ensuring that the surrounding area remains fresh and clean. Additionally, the machine has an automatic cover that opens when hands are close to it, making it easy and convenient to deposit waste. The machine also comes with an accompanying application that allows users to monitor the level of waste in the basket, keeping them informed and in control with an automatic door that opens using a card, providing a secure and controlled access to the waste sorting process. This machine not only improves the overall efficiency of waste management but also ensures a cleaner and more user-friendly experience for users. Furthermore, the machine can be integrated with a recycling industry to generate revenue for the facility