Auto Tire Inflation System (ATIS)

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Khaled Amarneh
Numan Hammad
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Wheels are one of the most important part of vehicles and they are permanently vulnerable to changes to cope with the new technologies and enhances both on manufacturing technique and the materials that are used. One of the primary concerns of the wheels is maintaining air pressure of the tires to guarantee passengers comfort and car efficiency that can affect fuel consumption as well as the dynamic behavior of a vehicle. Furthermore, losing pressure on tires can cause a danger on the passengers as the car may become unbalanced on the street and also can harm the wheel rim when the tire falls down. Therefore, maintaining tire inflation pressure automatically, without the need for human intervention, is becoming a hot topic these days. Thus, this project aims to design an auto tire inflating system (ATIS) that can check the tire inflation pressure, compare it to a target value and manage inflation and deflation actions to realize and maintain the target inflation pressure. The proposed system will be applicable for all vehicles of classes B and C without any change in the vehicle component and/or structure. The main objectives of this project are the following: • To help drivers guarantee a suitable pressure, over a narrow tolerance range, without the need to change the puncher wheel; especially in the event where they are far away from gas stations/Mechanical workshop, as well as saving time and effort on the driver. • To present a specifically developed solution for the utilization of an auto tire inflating system in a passenger vehicle and to automatically manage tire pressure through inflation and deflation actuation. On the other hand, in this project, we will solve several challenges that occur in ATIS systems, such as connect air of pump to the wheel. Finally, all the challenges in electrical conductivity and the amount of air coming out of the pump will be discussed and analyzed in details.