Villa in Ebal Mountain

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Amal Refat Tawfeeq
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5.  Structural Design: 5.1. Project Description: Our project is a residential building, contains from 3 floors, so it will have an ordinary structural elements (slabs, beams, columns, and foundations), we have a water pool too to be designed, but this project is too long so we must divide it into three parts by construction break extended. 3.1. Water Supply Systems Design: Feeding water to buildings divided into two main sections: the cold water supply (regular), and hot water. Each system consists of several subsystems. 3.2. Drainage Water Systems Design: As a green building design we must divide the drainage system into black water design, grey water design and rain water design. The pipes of the black water will be connected with Sewerage and sanitation of Nablus municipality, the grey water and the rain water well be collected into underground tank , after that it will be filtered and bumped to the flush toilet or use it into irrigation. 4.2. Shading: In our project we have a wide area of glass in the south direction and other in the east and west so we will make a suitable shading for these glass, so we will put a wall in front of the glass door in the south and a vertical shutters in the east and west additionally using trees just in the east and west.   4.1. Simulation the building with Ecotect: Ecotect is an analysis program that used to analyze the buildings in 3D and apply the tools necessary for an energy efficient and sustainable future. So we will use it to analyze our building from the environmental side. 4.3. Lighting Design: Lighting is an important part in our modern life, as providing the appropriate level of lighting to ensure a comfortable life for humans in the house and provides a healthy environment for production in the workplace.