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A recreational tourism project that meets the desires of all age groups and suits all times. It contains recreational and cultural activities and accommodation areas to suit a unique adventure and enjoy the existing nature and develop a love of exploration and sharing activities with individuals and different groups. The project is located in Sebastia in a tourist area and is interspersed with picturesque nature and olive trees, as the site is easily accessible from various areas, thus meeting the need of individuals because the areas lack this type of projects suitable for all times and activities The project is characterized by dynamic movement and reliance on the vital bridge, which is represented by a path through which there are stopping points at stations that feed the user. As the bridge embraces the area of outdoor activities and playgrounds to give a clear picture of the project's movement. The kinetic sequence of the bridge is from the square area, which is surrounded by the basics from the administration, the multi-purpose hall, a tourist guide center, in addition to a café. Then the path goes across the bridge to a resort that includes swimming pools and the gym until it extends to the restaurant and then a series of chalets for overnight stay, whether individual or family, or choosing the camping area and activities Summer and on the ground nature practicing various activities and games