dc.contributor.advisorBashir M.Y NOURI
dc.contributor.authorMohammad Attayyeb Abu Kishek
dc.contributor.authorAbbas Atabeh
dc.contributor.authorAseel Salem
dc.contributor.authorHamzeh Zayed
dc.description.abstract Palestine is considered a poor country in the sources of fossil fuel ,nowadays this fossil power prices are raise to Significant levels,  which is not affordable by our economy especially that the demand on this type of power is increasing, and its prices is expected to go higher & higher which our citizens cannot withstand. On the other hand, the new strategy of the Palestinian government is that, the citizens could share the Electric Power Distribution Company is producing electric power by utilizing the solar energy. The rules of that share that; a house has to produce at least 5 KW of electric power. To produce 5 KW you need 16 m of fixed solar panels that cost about 8,000 USD. As long as Palestine is a sunny country, the most suitable solution for our poverty in fossil fuel is to look for the means that allow us to utilize the free power of the sun. The auto tracking solar radiation system is considered to be the most efficient way to utilize the most amount of this power, to reduce the need area of solar panels that will save in the capital cost of such systems.Auto-tracking solar radiation system is a kind of two axes robot that is able to always keep the sun rays perpendicular to the surface of the solar panel. In this project, the literature review of the solar radiation systems will be studied and compared to obtain the optimal design of the auto tracking solar radiation system. The design steps of the optimal auto-tacking solar radiation system will be as follows:Firstly, the mechanical and electrical actuators will be designed and selected. Secondly, the required transducers and control components will be designed and tested. Thirdly, the complete auto-tracking solar radiation system will be constructed and tested. Finally, experiments will be done for the purpose of comparison between utilizing solar energy by auto-tracking solar system and the fixed ones.     en
dc.typeGraduation Project
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