Styles of Learning English by Twjihi Students at Public Schools in ‎Nablus

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Fawaz Aqel
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This study sought to find out the most prevalent English learning styles of tawjihi students at public schools in Nablus. It also endeavored to identify statistical differences in styles of learning English due to sex, type of study, academic average, private classes and number of students in class. The population of the study (1,346 male and female students) comprised of tawjihi students, scientific and literary streams, in the academic year 2003/2004. A stratified sample, randomly selected, was taken representing 31.2% of the study population. The researcher adopted a 50-item questionnaire, after its translation into the Arabic, to make easy for students to understand the content. The fifty items were distributed among six domains. After data collection and statistical analysis of results, it was found that there were statistically significant differences which may be attributed to sex, number of students, academic average, and type of study. In the light of the study findings, the researcher recommends holding courses, workshops to introduce different learning patterns to teachers. He also recommends conducting further studies and comparing them with those conducted on private school students. In addition, the researcher recommends that special publications on abstracts of studies relevant to the subject be distributed among English language teachers at schools.