Value Engineering Management

dc.contributor.authorRamzi Ashour
dc.contributor.authorMohammad Khader
dc.contributor.authorTamer Suliman
dc.contributor.authorSultan Rudwan
dc.contributor.authorYesar Abubaker
dc.description.abstractThe engineering project require management skills in project management that include the application of engineering issues in an integrated manner in order to achieve the goals of the project. this method in improving performance and productivity on the idea of combining between productivity target, even by establishment of projects or the provision of goods and services, or by saving the costs without compromising quality and basic functionality expected by the stakeholders of the project to be implemented. Issues or areas of knowledge engineering to project management: Project scope management   Project Integration Management Project time management Project cost management   Project quality management   Project Communications Management   Project human resources management Project risk management Project procurement Management   The main objective of the research: The research described how project management principles and techniques apply to the real world challenges. These techniques were used to minimize the cost using value engineering concept. Value Engineering: It is an analytical study of a specific approach, by an interdisciplinary working group to identify and classify the functions performed to find the best alternatives in a manner or at a lower cost, or both through innovative alternatives without compromising the fundamentals of beauty, performance and quality. As for the objectives of value engineering approach focusing on the high cost points and work to reduce during the design before implementation.en
dc.titleValue Engineering Managementen
dc.typeGraduation Project
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