Real Time Health Monitoring and Tracking System using GPS/GSM Technologies

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Orjuwan Damaj
Manar Zaid
Riham Ghazawi
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Abstract  Death rates from hypertensive heart disease provide an incomplete measure of the burden diseases. Since high blood pressure is a risk factor for atherosclerosis and ischemic heart disease, preventive measures should be taken against high blood pressure. The ability to track, trace and save patients life at appropriate time has been mankind desire. The usefulness of GSM and GPS has made them popular in their own context; integrating these technologies can prove to be a flamboyant solution for many unsolved problems. The idea here is to provide an effective application for Real Time Health Monitoring and Tracking. The system will track, trace, monitor patients and take care of their health; so efficient medical services could be provided at appropriate time. By Using specific sensors , i.e. pulse sensor ,the heart Rate will be captured and compared with a given threshold defined by a specified doctor who follows the patient via microcontroller i.e.Arduino; short message service (SMS)will be sent to the Doctors' mobile number along with measured values through GSM module, if there is any emergency state . The GPS further provides the position information of the monitored person whos under surveillance all the time.