Distance Protection and Monitoring Of a prototype Power Substation Using GSM Technology

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Jaber, Azhar
Salem, Israa
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In our project, we aim to build a prototype system that will provide an interface between the power substation and the network operator. This system is used to measure the electrical parameters in power substation like voltage, current, phase angle, power factor and frequency and send a real-time value over GSM network using GSM Phone. Then according to the readings from different substations the operator can decide the suitable action to be sent to the substation like turning on and off loads or increasing or decreasing the voltage. This system can provide a remote monitoring and control for the power substation by using GSM wireless communication. Mainly, the objective of this project is to minimize equipment damage and maintain power system stability by developing a wireless communication link to monitor and control equipment that are far away from the user and also develop a high security system.