Applying Real Time Intelligent Transportation System Based On Raspberry Pi/GPS/3G Technologies

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Tahan, Sondos
Dweikat, Al’a
Rihan, Imtithal
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Nowadays, the huge and rapid evolution in the transportation systems motivate to design a model that helps to detect the position of the accident by reach it as soon as possible and save the human lives by increase the road safety. The proposed model can be represented through implemented a smart on-board GPS/3G system to be attached to the vehicles for online monitoring, ticketing and tracking. In case of traffic accidents in somewhere, by using some sensors are attached to the raspberry pi, one of them called shocked sensor, and the other called vibration sensor, which placed on the front of the vehicles, the proposed system will send massage to the hosting server located in police station by using 3G contains information about vehicles such as location, maximum speed, feedback picture, and accident date and time, which detected by using GPS, this will contact to the nearest hospital or paramedics and civil defense. The goals for proposed model is reducing traffic jam, leading to cut the affection of the accident, as a result decreasing the number of casualties. All these are in favor of human safety.