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Initially, the thought of designing a sports center in the city of Nablus resulted from the city's lack of an accredited sport center equipped with all activities, and that combines different sports. In addition to the fact that the greatest sports interest is directed to the game of football, there is a football stadium in the city center that attracts a large number of players and matches are held in it periodically, so there is a clear interest in the sports side by the youth in the city, on the other hand, the lack of a sports center that combines other sports It would work to neglect these sports. On the other hand, the sports center is one of the institutions that affect society and focus on the social and cultural aspects, not just the sports aspect. Hence the reason for choosing the project The project site is located east of the city of Nablus, in an area close to many residential communities (Nablus, Deir Al-Hatab, Beit Furik, Salem, Azmut, Rojab). Within the administrative boundaries of the city of Nablus. The reason for choosing the eastern region in particular was to revive the region in general, as most of the recreational services and social centers go to the western region and focus here on the youth category, in addition to the region's lack of such type of projects, and it is located near a main street that serves more than one residential complex. In terms of the age group, the users are young people, and the project will provide the educational aspect (a swimming pool for learning and a training gymnasium) so it can be used by young people. As for the design idea of the project for the shape, curved shapes were used to express and reflect the geographical nature surrounding the site and give a dynamic character to the shape, taking into account the flat nature of the site A map showing the relationship of the site in relation to the center of Nablus city Then the various functions were distributed in separate blocks to create an interactive environment and give more opportunity for movement in the site. Each block is directly connected to the external site.. These blocks gather a common middle area The project functions are divided into the following: • The first section or block: the main indoor stadium and its main spaces • The second section: the semi-Olympic indoor swimming pool, in addition to a swimming pool for education and training, and the additional areas of the swimming pool • The third section: fitness hall, table tennis, billiards and squash halls • The administration and restaurant department, which is present, included the three main blocks • Outdoor playgrounds (tennis and basketball), a racing track, in addition to other outdoor spaces and an outdoor car park