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Cultural center Proceeding from the principle of culture is life and because this ability is the ability to grow. And the cultural ties that link the events and activities carried out by these centers, including evenings, conferences, art exhibitions, and others. And because it is a place for gathering and an outlet for the individual to go out to spend his spare time and to strengthen his confrontation and the construction of these buildings in general to the culture of the people. I have chosen to design a large cultural place to expand the circle of convergence between different cultural energies and ideas in different countries. General requirements and knowledge of their needs. Contribute to the development of society. The cultural center is not indoctrination, training, education, guidance, education and counseling. It touches areas of creativity for young people and helps them fight their free time. The site is a suitable place to practice his various hobbies. . Exhibits, multi-use halls, multi-use cinema and cinema. There was an early charge to get the ambiance suitable for everyone The objectives of the cultural center are summarized as follows: 1- Encouraging the individual to be creative and innovative. 2- Combating ignorance and illiteracy. 3- Enable the individual to see the culture of others and open up to them. 4- Develop individual talents. . 5- Spend the free time that a person feels from his time.