Travel Planner

dc.contributor.advisorRaed Alqadi
dc.contributor.authorRuaa Barakat
dc.contributor.authorDania Abu Elown
dc.description.abstractTravel Planner application provides the travelers with services that they usually need during their travels. Traveler Planner will make it easy and fun for you to organize your flights. Travel planner make your trip as perfect as can be.Travel Planner has many features that travelers can easily deal with. These features will include searching for airports, restaurant etc..., so you could find the nearby locations that match their desires.Our application will provide Currency Exchange, Translator, To Do List ,OCR which takes a photo, extracts the text from it ,then translates it to chosen language.   Another features the app will provide are prayer time and weather depending on the travelers current location.a project as a whole is a collection of the features listed above. each feature provide the necessary service needed by the travelers. we implemented some features from scratch and programmed the necessary code required to use existing services on the net. these services were integrated to gather to form a complete travel planner.  en
dc.titleTravel Planneren
dc.typeGraduation Project
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