Qualitative research: Resilience of nursing students at An_Najah National University

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Alaa Khrashi
Iman Salman
Waad Hseen
Samya Jomaa
Ahmad Bani-Odeh
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Introduction: Society needs mature, confident and well qualified nurses who should have critical and flexible thinking to confront all challenges appropriately. So emphasis should be placed on how to build capacity of nursing students to undertake skills, pursue self-development and confront challenges. Weaimedto explore the nursing students' resilience with common faced challenges in both academic and clinical courses for An-Najah National University nursing students, Nablus/Palestine. Methods: A descriptive qualitative design was chosen, semi-structured Face-to-face interviews completed with 20 students who are from 1st to 4th studying years. Non-probability purposive sampling method used to select participants, two audio records taken to preserve anonymity of participants with taking in consideration all ethical approval issues. Results: participants used different methods to build resilience up. Such as; using of support system that includes: family, colleagues & peers and local instructors' support; academic motivations; some individual capacities particularly: hope, optimism and individual characteristics; the interest in nursing profession; and some changes in lifestyle pattern. Conclusion: this qualitative study described different method of resilience among nursing students. We recommend to add new nursing educational models and to offer adequate time for students to demonstrate the necessary resilient skills and express feeling about challenges to decrease stress and solve problems. Other students should use the results to avoid challenges or relieve bad consequences. Further researches needed to find the appropriate methods to promote resilience among nursing students.
Nursing students; challenges; resilience; Palestine; west bank