Palestinian Livable Neighborhood

Livability means make people live comfortably in safe place respects the environment and offer all the daily services within walkable distance, Just like San Francesco which is network of livable neighborhoods that encourage affordable housing and encourage walkability by making the services within quarter and half mile, and care about greenery for better walking and biking experience. In San Francesco the priority is walking and biking then for public transportation then for the privet cars and shared-cars then to the taxi (for dis-abled and elders). This encourage people spend time out of doors in public space enjoying city life together and to avoid traffic jam. In Palestine we face obstacles limit people to live in livable neighborhoods: • Weakness of the economic in Palestine so infrastructure in all areas is not good and not enough. • Israeli occupation and its administrative subdivisions that weaken the spatial connections • Limited culture and awareness of environmental matters from people. My project aims to imagine a “Palestinian livable neighborhood model”. To make strong neighborhood where it will be easier to get where you need to be, and the air will be cleaner and people will be healthier and spend less money on transportation. To reach to this point I chose part of Al-Tira neighborhood in Ramallah which has a lot of livability characteristics. Then I applied all livability criteria on the area to find the gap between the existing situation and the target. Finally I will make recommendations and suggest some elements and projects to fill that gap, and has a Palestinian Livable Neighborhood.