Balata Preparatory School

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Ghazi Bani Shamseh
Ashraf Sawalha
Laith Shurrab
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 In this part of the project the main idea is to reflect the tools that were discussed in the first part of research. The case study is the construction of Balata preparatory girls school. This project faced many troubles that caused huge losses.The main trouble was the increment of the price of resources especially steel. The other factor that causes the contractors losses is the exchange rate of the Dollar. The contractor was confused between losing his reputation or losing his money.In order to understand the problem bill of quantities must be studied very well, and the project circumstances must be taken in consideration.Redesigning is one of the alternatives to minimize the cost of the project. Through minimizing the cost the excessive saving may compensate the contractor.The second phase of this project is taking this alternative in consideration. The final result must be presented through logical analysis.The recommendations were presented in this part of the project. But, preliminary recommendation assists upon the understanding of the management skills deeply and in an effective way. So, the stakeholders expectations will be achieved.One thing that must be in mind in the process of redesigning is the structural requirements according to the design code (ACI 318, 2005 code).Another way that can be adopted in order to minimize the cost is reducing the administrative cost. This can be achieved by reducing the execution time of the project. The suggested procedures to reduce the time are the following:1. Increasing the working staff to maximize the productivity.2. Increasing the working hours per day3. Increasing the production rate of workers by applying a good control to direct and monitor the labors.4. Practicing the lump sum techniques for some workers.The procurement process must be managed too. Future contracts or forward contracts can be used as mentioned in the first part of this project.A work procedure to control the procurement process must be applied. This will contribute in saving the expenditure besides applying a good control upon the quality of all purchased resources.Quality control must be paid a lot of attention, special actions and procedures have to be performed to prevent any type of potential failure (external or internal). These will cost the company a lot of money if occurred. Adopting a quality control plan may reduce the possibility of failure at any level of execution. This will save the cost of repairs to the company.A full risk management plan must be prepared and put in execution to ensure the safety of the process of execution and also the safety of workers and users. Hedging and warrants can be used in order to be compensated incase of any risk occurrence.