A study of Prevalence of Speech and Hearing Disorders among An-Najah University Students and their Awareness Level toward Audiology and Speech Pathology

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Fatima Zboun
Haneen Deek
Raghad Amira
Wurud Atrash
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Prevalence of speech and hearing disorders as well as the awareness of community toward audiology and speech pathology is currently unknown among public in Palestine. Aim:This study reports the results of prevalence of speech and hearing problems among Arabic speaking An-najah national university students and the level of their awareness toward audiology and speech pathology. Methods: A representative sample of 1000 undergraduate students at An-Najah National University was asked to fill a questionnaire. Information was collected based on participants’ gender, residency and governorate. Results: The prevalence of overall hearing and speech problems in the studied sample was 7.6%, out of them, 27.6% had hearing problems and 32.9% had speech disorders. Among speech disorders, articulation disorders were the most common 80% and 20% for stuttering. The prevalence of speech and hearing problem was significantly higher among males than females and among refugee camp resident students than urban and rural students. In terms of awareness, awareness of audiology and speech pathology at An-Najah University appear to be good.