water temperature control automation

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Haya Mikkawi
Khalid Basha
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In our time, technology has gone beyond its role in solving problems to enter the field of providing comfort and luxury for humans in various areas of life. From this standpoint, our idea was launched to develop smart features that can be added to toilets which provide comfort to the user through several characteristics. The main feature is the automatic control over water temperature which was fully implemented in a prototype. It was achieved by mixing the appropriate quantities of cold and hot water by the continuous fixing of the opening and closing of the valves of both lines in order to achieve the specified temperature. Other features were provided such as: the automatic turning on/off for the lights when a person enters or leaves the toilet, the automatic activation of the faucet when the user places his hand close enough to it, and the ability to control the lighting colors. Two ways were provided for controlling the different parts of the system: a mobile application and voice commands. This remote control ability provides luxury to the user but can also be seen as a way to prevent diseases that are spread by touching surfaces, such as the Coronavirus.