Healthcare And Rehabilitation Center

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Khatatbeh, Aya
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The project is to integrate the disabled internally and integrate it with the community so that it is treated as a normal person and not a special case through: - Provide a comfortable therapeutic environment through the nature of spaces and distribution and the formation of a center for the distribution of movement and the block of buildings, and this center is a meeting place of social simple and automatic, which strengthens social relations and achieve integration and provides the building a comfortable and healthy atmosphere in terms of ventilation and natural lighting And plants palliative of the atmosphere. - Create a therapeutic therapeutic environment that provides opportunities for the disabled to participate in social activities and careers that provide them with jobs and social integration effectively. The project land is located to the east of Nablus, behind Hisham Hijjawi College The land area is about 25 dunums, the land is very low and the slope is almost level, containing lots of trees. The project is realistic, simple, concept, high, suitable for users, movement in it, clear and easy, gives a positive impression and encourages people to use it.