Design of Wastewater and Stormwater Collection Network for Ya'bad Town Using Sewer CAD and Storm CAD

dc.contributor.advisorMohammad Al-Masri
dc.contributor.authorFida Ameen Jaradat
dc.contributor.authorIbraheem Abu Jalboush
dc.contributor.authorNidal Marie
dc.description.abstractHuman life needs many requirements that keep its survival and continuity. One of the most essential requirements is water that is used in several different ways. 1-Wastewater problems Any use of water affects its chemical or biological characteristics or both. These effects generally make water unusable. We use water daily in huge quantities and after use we dispose it of as a wastewater. These quantities have bad and destructive effects if we do not dispose them of under the terms of health and safety standards. The best way to dispose wastewater of is by designing a wastewater collection network. This network has many advantages beside collection. When we construct it we can make treatment for the wastewater and reuse in different type of ways, like irrigation which contributes in rationalizing water consumption. 2-Stormwater problem Heavy rains causes surface runoff, this runoff come from houses roof, street, fields, mountains and cliffs, When these runoff gathering will make a significant amount of water. These accumulate runoff can cause serious and destructive problems if we dont have an adequate infrastructure to drainage it. But from a positive view to the amount of runoff it can be important source of water, this amount will collect and save if we design a stormwater collection system and this system will reduce problems mentioned above.    And in our graduation project we aim to solve the two mentioned problems for Ya'abad Town by designing a wastewater and stormwater network for the Town.en
dc.titleDesign of Wastewater and Stormwater Collection Network for Ya'bad Town Using Sewer CAD and Storm CADen
dc.typeGraduation Project
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