Systems Of Amar commercial Tower

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Khubaib Abu Omar
Jihad Al-Hindi
Samer Theeb
Ameed Masri
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The aim of this project is to design the (HVAC) system for building of ( Amar Tower )  which built in Ramallah city. HVAC system provides environmental health, comfortable, clean and free of gems and diseases. These consideration in the design will provide healthy and comfortable environment within the hospital. Also insulation system and material construction will be taken into account. Insulation system that be located in the walls and windows of the hospital to reduce the amount of heat losses. While materials construction will provide the appropriate temperature through the adjustment and suitable degree of moisture and maintain the purification of the air inside the building is suitable and healthy.  The fire-fighting system will be designed to keep the building safe from fire accident. Additionally, the water system and plumbing such as a network of hot and cold water. This service can be achieved through the identification of the correct size for pipes.