Cancerous Tumors Curing Center

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Takrouri, Dalia
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Proposed area for establishing the project: Land next to Al Najah University Hospital to strengthen the reasons to make this area a fully equipped university medical area. Area: 20 m2 Project Idea (concept) : To create green areas inside the hospital by courts which gives the patients natural light and ventilation? By making “healing gardens “. Finally: When one can ease a patient's pain, plant a smile of hope on a comforting face, and when he can turn his knowledge into an action that benefits people, then his life will have meaning. For this and that, I was optional for a cancer hospital project, to be a graduation project from the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture Department, despite the difficulties and multiple sections that I realized early, but I was not surprised, but my awareness of this fact increased the strength of perseverance in work and research to be the first of my design work which I hope I have achieved In its complete implementation.