Civil Defense Center

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Civil Defense is the agency specialized in emergency services to protect the lives and property of citizens in times of peace or war, whether in natural or industrial disasters, and in view of the need of the city of Jenin for an integrated center that includes administrative and service functions for the public, in addition to the fire department, it was decided to establish a directorate that includes all these functions and to be the center and reference of fire station points distributed in villages The city and its center The design of a Civil Defense Directorate requires a very precise design that enables defense and firefighting vehicles to reach the required place as quickly as possible in a time not exceeding 7 minutes, which is the main idea of the design and what it also requires from choosing a suitable site that meets this need, in addition to providing suitable external spaces that enable quick maneuvering and focus It also has a practical design for the jobs with a partial motor separation between the traffic paths of the visitors and the visitors, the movement of the fire crews and the movement of the cars of the two parties to reduce the friction between them and to ensure that the missions are not obstructed